Sep 21, 2006

Health Update

Well, the new medication was not great. My liver functions were so highmy rheumatologist called me after only four days on the new pills to tell me to quit taking them. PHOOEY!!!

Then, I started feeling like my back hurt all the time. It felt like my kidneys were on the attack (something that scares the bloody heck out of any Lupus patient). I dragged myself to the doctor only to find out I had a raging kidney infection and my colitis had flared up. Great! Just what I needed while I was NOT ON a immunosuppressant. Great time for my body to be sick. More medictions, drink cranberry juice and try to feel better.

Did the bad news stop there? NOPE. The doctor also found my blood sugar had been too high as well. Now, I get to prick my finger twice a day and keep track of highs and lows. I also have to regulate my sugar intake and work to eliminate excess carbohydrates as they turn to sugar in the body.

Doc says, "Relax, try meditation"
Hummmph! You don't wanna know my response.