Nov 14, 2006

More conflict

After the initial conflict I got stuck. The rising tension is where I'm struggling. Beth isn't experiencing enough trouble. Yes, she is stressed out, but she needs to have one bad thing happen after another. See the graph.
[Materials from Pedar Hill's site again]
I realized I needed more catastrophes. I need to raise the stakes. Beth has to be near the end of her rope or my readers won't route for her. I need them to be praying for her to be hoping she wont give in to the darkness. I need my readers to identify with her and hope for her. Her goal has to seem unreachable at this point. She has to seem beaten. Then, and only then can I introduce the denoument. The Black moment. The instance where Beth will draw upon all her inner strength....all she has learned up until then and then she will use it to defeat (ooops....no telling) Well you get the idea.

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