Nov 9, 2006

Top 5 Things I'd Rather Do with my Blood Glucose Tester

I don't know about everyone else, but I HATE poking my finger every day. When I'm sick my blood sugar goes all over the map. This kidney infection has my numbers jumping from 238 all the way to 68. I feel dizzy and tired. My body needs extra hours of sleep and I'm not sure I will feel rested again until the infection is gone. With NO immune system I'm not sure how long it will take to get over this stoooooooopid thing! GRRRRRR. Can ya tell I'm frustrated?????
Today is one of those "mad at Lupus" days. Go figure. I have six mouth sores, my arms are all rashy and I get dizzy every time I stand up.... what does all that mean... I am in yet another Flare up of my stinkin' Lupus. And I can blame it all on the dumb kidney infection.

  1. Jab someone else with the lancet.
  2. Eat chocolate. Oh rats I had to give that up.
  3. Complain.
  4. Think up lame excuses and forget to test. LOL
  5. Count the freckles on my arm instead.
Unfortunately, none of those methods give me a record of my blood sugar so I have to test it the proper way. Gotta run.


shawna said...

Hmmmm... just don't let anybody decide to play connect-the-freckles with a Sharpie, lol. I always wanted to do that to my ex, and never did. Of course, I might have been divorced sooner if I had... hmm.

I hate needles---- I'd have a terrible time dealing with that, so you have my sympathy times about a zillion.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way--- I started to come over and say "hi" back about ten times, but kept getting sidetracked. And that grandbaby is sure a cutie.

Well, I got the clinic. I'm trying to stall myself until after I get some words written tonight, but I just don't know if that's going to happen. Worked 20+ hours these two days, so I'm ready to just curl up and read... and I'm not sure I want to even think about writing tonight. Why do all the books I request at the library show up in November?

Take care of yourself, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

My mother hated checking her blood sugar. I always had to stick her and check her glucose. Take care.