Dec 12, 2006

Did I mention being in print?

Several months ago a little mouse friend of mine told me about Cats Meow, an ezine for writers and readers. I sent off a few short stories and poems. Getting an email saying your story will be in an upcoming newsletter is a great feeling. Actually having the issue come out and seeing your name and story printed on the web page feels like heaven. So, today the issue is out. Check out my two poems and my Lupus story here.
Naturally, you are looking for the stories by Kay/writewize. I cannot believe there is a slight problem with the web address on the ezine but I'm still thrilled.
I'm nearly finished with an ebook I've been working on in secret as well. More details soon. It is for aspiring writers.
Bring on the comments. I'm so happy!!!!!

Oh, I actually risked germs and illness to go to Walmart today. Yes me.... (the one with a compromised immune system) I bought a few Christmas gifts and some address label stickers so I could reprint new ones for a project I am working on. Also picked up "The Devil Wears Prada". I've heard it is very good.

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immortalindigo said...

Hey I read your comment on Paperback Writer, so I came by to add to your comments. Who knows, maybe you DO have to have a contest like she did! I'll definitely add you to my daily blog run, and I'll make comments so who won't get lonely.

Cheryl said...

Congrats. I had some poetry published in a small publication many years ago. It's definitely a great choice for writers emerging (or like me coming out of the procrastination cave!)
I so want to see A Devil Wears Prada. I love Anne Hathaway!

Anonymous said...

I read your comment in Paperback Writer and dropped by to say hi and congrats.

I haven't read the book but the movie was great.
P.S. I'd leave a longer comment but i've tried to post twice already and blogger is not cooperating.

Anonymous said...