Dec 10, 2006

Writing Workshop E-book Splurge

<<===== I bought this today! Lucky Lucky me!! Yep, I meant it when I said I intended to return to some serious writing. I let myself fall into a pit of doubt and let my writing falter. Over the last few days I've been pulling out some of my favorite books to inspire my muse. Nothing seems to be working, so I thought a bit of a crash course or workshop was in order. Hey, if you want one, all you have to do is click the link here or at the top right of my page and you can order the ebook for only $6.00.
For an ebook of over 250 pages you just cannot beat the price.

I think by now, everyone who reads my blog on a regular basis (uhhh that would be Beth Ann) knows I simply adore Holly Lisle. She is one author who shares her knowledge with other aspiring writers and helps them by putting out a lot of free information on her site.

I have heard great things about Lazette, and of course she is involved with the wonderful Vision ezine which no writer should miss, so I feel I am in capable hands.

Naturally, I glanced at the Table of Contents as soon as I downloaded it. I cannot wait to read the chapter on grumpy writers. Holly wrote that one. (of course) I'm also quite interested in the chapter which will tell me if I should really let my book die or if it is salvagable. I will have to keep ya'll posted on that issue.

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