Feb 3, 2007

Is Self Publishing the Way to Go?

Should you self publish your book? Should you consider places like Lulu.com? Why? Why not?

Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages-- (to some people)

  • No middle man, agent, laywer etc to cut into profits. Willing to publish just about anything --including those WITHOUT writing talent.
  • saves having to continue to apply to publishing houses
  • Can get your work out on bookshelves
  • Can make and sell copies for friends/family/co-workers/church/fundraisers


  • No laywer to help you out in a jam
  • submission process
  • most first time writers don't make any money 'till the 3rd- 5th book
  • lengthy and confusing contracts
  • everything costs extra

I am sure there are many more things to consider. For right now I wanted to get a few ideas on the page. I have a friend who asked me about self publishing and it got my wheels turning. I'll think on it....do some research and then write some more.

In the meantime....more snow, more cold and the phone lines are acting up. My DSL has been 60% reliable for the past 3 days. Hope this improves.


baabaanne said...

This is a great post, Kay. I have been thinking about Lulu, but have made no decision yet. I hope you are feeling better, staying warm and well.

baabaanne said...

p.s., The nights are cold here in Seattle (some nights in the low 20s), days are inching their way up to the 50s, which is normal for us this time of year.