Aug 16, 2006

Blog Success Means Homework

No, I haven't been lazy the past several days. I have been doing homework. Yep, you heard me right, homework. Having a successful blog means putting in a little legwork now and then. Though my house has been extra crowded (my foster daughter's A/C went kaput, stranding her and the two grandchildren here at my house).

I've been reading up on Feeds, Marketing, tagging my posts and so much more. I think everyone who starts a blog should check into sites like technorati, and the media toolbox. The amount of information you can get to help you with your blog is amazing. I personally found tons of stuff there and ended up reading well into the afternoon.

It also may mean choosing whether to monetize your site with Google Adsense or some other ads you can place on your site. Each time someone clicks on an ad on your site you make money. After a short while, you will get a check in your paypal account or you can have it
mailed to you if you prefer.

Naturally, you want to spread the word about your website. You need to make sure it is registered with search engines. This is done automatically through some blog sites such as

When it comes to blogging, I found some really sucessful folks out there. One guy who knows his stuff is Mr. Ploppy. The guy knows everything about Internet marketing, tools you need to optimize your site and make your links do the work for you. I need to spend about a week reading over all the stuff I bookmarked on his site.

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Whitney said...

Found you over on the Successful Blog and thought I'd mosey over and see what's up over here.

Pingomatic is another way to "broadcast" your blog out to a wider net of potential readers.

Blog Starter Checklist might also save you some time with your "homework".