Aug 21, 2006

Using Tags Wisely

Like I said in my last post, I have been reading a lot of other blogs on the net. Having a blog that people want to read may not be important to you. As a writer, I like to think people will read what I have to say about just about anything.
For this reason, I didn't want to jump into blogging with blinders on. Blogging has become so popular every housewife, newsjunkie and knitter on the web has one. Most of these bloggers want to make a quick buck. So, they are putting additional content on their blog like ads, and links to their merchandise and much more.

How are we supposed to find them? Tags! Yep, anyone who knows anything about blogging, will be using some tagging system.

You may have noticed, my entries are tagless. Why, you ask? I went and changed to Beta Blogger. Stupid move. And.... I changed my template... both of these moves made me lose all my changes to my original site. I lost my Links as well.

Well, look for that to change in the next day or so. I've been sick as a dog for the past couple days. (remind me to discuss what a freelance writer does when illness strikes) In the meantime... I did a bit of reading at this great site that explains all about tagging with Technorati. Another great tagging site is del. icio.us Both sites require a short apllication. Both of them are free. When you find stuff like this you have to share!