Aug 8, 2006

Favorite Writing Sites

Whether you write for yourself or to blog, or you are a part/fulltime freelance writer, there are a lot of helpful sites on the Internet. I've also found a lot of sites that just want to sell you a product. If someone has a great pitch and there is a price tag at the bottom, keep moving. Most anything you really need, you can find for free. Dictionary sites, poetry, freelance help and even writing markets can be found for free or next to nothing. Don't throw away a lot of money for this e-book or that get rich scheme. Ask your friends what sites they frequent. Most of them will be honest with you. Use Google. I do.

Some of my favorites:
Writer's Digest -- A great magazine and resource
Absolute Write --Jenna Glatzer's Site -- She knows everything. WAHM.
Content Done Better - Go there!
Write 101-- Useful tips etc.
Writer's Weekly -- Get the newsletter.
Writing.com -- a writers retreat and playground (if you join, mention olelady)
Families.com --family oriented articles
Lifetips -- I heard about this site from a friend.
The Dollar Stretcher --I really like the newsletter. :)
Ezine Articles --plenty to read. I got lost for 8 hours one day. LOL.
Gosh there are zillions more but I will update them soon.