Aug 22, 2006

Guides for Writers

Have I mentioned anywhere yet that I simply worship Jenna Glatzer? Why? Well the girl knows how to say what she needs to say, with brevity and make it highly interesting.
I think I've scoured the Internet a zillion times looking for every word she has ever written.
Some writers BORE me. NOT HER!!!

She lays out what she wants to say and I can drink it all in and absorb what I am reading.
I cannot give the girl any higher praise. If you are new to writing. Read everything she writes.
Start here. This guide goes through all the beginner steps for freelance writers. She talks about the Big Idea, Researching markets, everything. She teaches you how to use time wisely and not waste it.

I admit, I go back often!!!! Oh, and she has her own web domain. Her site is also bookmarked. I visit often. She has written several books on writing. She also wrote Celine Dion's autobiograhpy, and she has a weekly podcast. What can I say.... Jenna rocks!
The journey of one freelance writer as she begins learning the process, submitting fiction and gaining entrance to the writing world on the Internet.

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Whitney said...

Kelly James-Enger is pretty good, too -- I'd search her out on the Web.

Her business' site is at http://www.becomebodywise.com/, but search for her on Google to find some of her articles and interviews that people have done with her.