Sep 27, 2006

I'm a Project Runway Junkie

I know. I know. Not everyone likes fashion, or reality shows. I am not into the high fashion world. I just like to watch. I love the bickering. Watching it fascinates me. There have been so many scandals just this season. One designer got kicked off for using books and materials. Now, another designer might have cheated and had another person sewing for him. Wow, a big no-no. If you want more info on the show, it runs on Bravo. Quite frankly, I had my hopes on Laura or Michael winning. I think Uli puts out the same basic thing week after week and I cannot stand Jeff. (no it isn't the tatoo's or his language) I don't care for his fashions.
I think Michael consistently puts out GREAT looks. His coffee filter dress on episode one was my favorite and several of his designs have been my fave since.

So, if it is Wednesday night. Set your Tivo or DVR or televison. I do.

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Kathleen Bolton said...

Hi there,
Thanks for chiming in on Holly's blog, and yes, I'm a PR junkie too! My fav is Laura, I love her aesthetic and I think she should have won the icon challenge because her look was hand's down Kate Hepburn...and I hated Kaine's goth-Monroe. Ugh.

As for the Bryant park collections, I think Uli will pull off the win. Her's seems to be the freshest and most interesting. And I say that with a heavy heart, because I think Uli's a one-note.