Sep 27, 2006

Kick-starting my muse

Many established authors have been known to have trouble with writer's block at times. I hear it is normal. What about emerging writer's? Yes, we struggle with our muse as well. I've been writing since I could hold a pencil. I wrote my first complete poem at nine years old, and published a piece in junior high school. Yet I still struggle at times with empty pages.

During those times I have strategies. Sometimes I use story starter prompts from several books I own like: Writers Idea Book by Jack Heffron, or Pocket Muse by Monica Wood. I have a whole collection of books, and I get some prompts by private email from groups I have joined. Sometimes I even using writing prompt sites like this one at Writing Fix or this one I found on an author site.

For me, there are extra complications due to my illness and all the medications I take. I have troubles with short-term memory and concentration. I blame some of it on the illness itself and some on the liver functions which really messes with my ability to process information. When my functions are really out of whack--Like they have been these past few months-- it is difficult to get anything done, let alone write sentences that are coherent.

Thankfully, I see the hepatologist tomorrow!!!!! I hope we start to get everything back to normal so I can start to see my muse more often and have to rely on my strategies less and less.

If you have troubles, feel free to share them in my comments section.