Sep 25, 2006


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Last night I fought sleep. Why? I found myself wanting. I want my blog to be more. I want to be accepted into the community at large as an accredited writer. I've spent the last nineteen years writing my heart out on bits of paper. Poems, stories, chunks of life I've savored. All of these adding up to major wantings.
Well most writers do something. I've been submitting to small press and contests. The hard part is waiting to hear back. I want people to know I exist.


Katrina Bajana said...

I'm here and I know you exist Write Wise. You got your self a fan. I admire your sense of humor and the bit of sarcasm in some of your writing about your story with illness. I invite you to visit my blog. I'm sure it can lift you up much and help you see the possibilities regardless of any obstacle. You will find empowering words and resources that can help you through your healing process. Very soon I'll be publishing another blog about health issues and how to completely restore our health and youth regardless of the situation.
My sing is Leo too; so I sort of identify with you and share the same passion for writing although I'm not a writer! Please feel free to email me and let me know if I could do the same. And thank you for sharing your personal story.

Katrina Bajana said...

Hello write Wise, I forgot to name my blog I was recommending to you. It's called "Be Prosperous, Healthy & Happy". Best,