Sep 28, 2006

What do we do to stop stupid people?

I am just horrified!!!! I had a VERY long day at the doctor's office today... a two hour drive both directions, totally scary news about possible liver damage and other possibilities and then they took 11 vials of blood for tests. Yep, I said 11. So, I come home and sit down to relax like the doctor told me to do. I'm drinking my water and I decide to do a little net surfin'.

Shock and horror. I found Kelly James Enger's site has been taken over by some MORON.

It doesn't actually show any pictures but it has links to offensive words. I didn't click anything because I am not that type of person. I can only imagine what would come up. I wouldn't even venture to go there in my mind. Sicko!!!!

I want to report it to Kelly or someone, I just don't know how or who. Any suggestions?