Oct 1, 2006

Diabetes diets, energy, and me.

Okay, so no more syrupy pancakes on Sunday morning for me. I'm learning. My blood sugar was 167 this morning. That ruled out anything remotely sweet. Protein was the order of the day.

Being new to all this, I went straight to my computer to see if yesterday's family blowout and all the STRESS could have been the reason for high reading. Sure enough, from what I read, cortisol gets released when you are angry or extremely emotional starting a whole string of events with your insulin and blood sugar. The site I went to suggests keeping a fairly calm lifestyle. Ha!

Okay, so the big question. I've had a few emails and I wonder about this. Should this blog be less personal? Do I reveal too much of me? Should it be more about writing?

I've been so busy with personal issues I haven't had a lot of time for my own WIP's (works in progress) My two favorite characters are being completely ignored. I have written some articles--mostly on arthritis, diabetic issues or other things to which I can closely relate, and I've been sending out poetry.

As an emerging writer (to the published world) I'm asking YOU, my readers, to let me know.

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The Writing Muse said...

I think you should write in the moment. I think that's where we get all the juicy stuff, the raw stuff, the stuff that is begging to come out but our egos judge it too quickly and stamp it out. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog!