Oct 2, 2006

Oh Dear I need more Characters!

I've known for a while I needed to add more characters to my current WIP. I really cannot work with only two main characters. Sure, I have around five other minor characters who appear for a page or two or even a scene here or there. In the scope of things my two main characters don't have enough supporting characters around them.

My protagonist has her therapist, but she only speaks to them on the phone. I need face-to-face characters.

She spends so much time alone in her hotel room, then alone in her car, and finally when she is kidnapped she will spend time alone in the cellar of the house. (thus the title "In the Silent Darkness")

How can I add more characters? So far she has only come in contact with people at the airport, and at her hotel. The people she sees are strangers and customer service type people.

The basic outline is that "she" is going home to face the ghosts of her past. Beth (she) must face her mother and find out why she abused her as a child? What had she done that was so wrong?

After 25 years away from home and any reminder of family she returns to the family home. Her abusive mother is now plump and grey. She no longer looks threatening. They reminisce and then her crazy mother ends up pushing her down the cellar stairs and bolting the door to her freedom as she locks her in the dark cellar.

I have the beginning written and the highly exciting ending written. I am STUCK trying to fill in the middle. Boy do I need advice and ideas.