Oct 6, 2006

Do the Newbie Writer Research--don't whine!

Some people say they were born to write. I get that! I've been writing stories of some type since I could hold a pencil. Here is my dillema. I put myself out here on the Internet a writer. Yes, I am trying to break into the Publishing world. I'm fairly new to it. I've written for years, I just haven't picked up a book in a store with my name on the front cover.

When I try my luck at the freelance job sites there is a huge amount of competition. Some other writers have several years of experience and a few books under their belts. I don't let this discourage me. (too much) I look for every opportunity I can find. I get my name out there, I network.

Then I end up on these discussion boards where I find the whiniest newbies on the planet. Some of them are giving the rest of us a BAD NAME. Come on. Go to the bookstore and buy a few books. Check books out of the library. Find some of the bazillion articles online about becoming a freelance writer. Do the research.
I find myself wanting to smack around a few of these newbies who want someone to spoon feed them everything.

Yes, I am struggling to compete for the jobs, the resources, the connections. I have more road blocks than many people. I cannot tell on a regular day if I will be able to stay awake and write that day due to my symptoms of my illnesses. I do what I can and plug along. I take my medications I eat right and I keep going.

I check out freelance job boards, I keep in touch with connections I have made through HARD work. I don't whine about it. (at least I hope people don't see me that way)

C'mon newbie writers.... join writing groups, get newsletters, create a website and make yourself known. Work at it. Just like I am. Nothing comes from nothing. Freelance contains the word "free" but it is hard work. Get to it and stop whining on the boards.


baabaanne said...

Good post. We all need to pay our dues!

Therese said...

Newbie writers can also do what I did - start at the bottom of the ladder as a researcher working for a publishing company.