Oct 8, 2006

Walks with a cane

That kinda sounds like my Sioux name, huh. "Walks with a cane" Well, there are a few people out in the real world who need to pay just a little more attention to those of us who use canes, wheelchairs, crutches, etc. I mean opening doors is Not such a big deal. Bumping into us or knocking us over IS! If I see someone who has trouble walking I do my best to help out. I always did as a child and young adult, and to this day I find myself holding doors for other challenged people. What makes it HARD for others to think of this? What is so hard?
Does that silly cane make people sooooooooooo uncomfortable? Our symptoms are not contageous. We don't bite (usually).
Be kind to everyone. That means any other person you meet. Use the manners you were raised to have.

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Anonymous said...

Two experiences taught me manners on this issue: Watching my elderly mother try to navigate a walker,and being diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. Although I do not walk with an assistive device, some days I walk painfully and slowly, and some people just don't give a darn!