Oct 9, 2006

In The Silent Darkness --My novel.

I'm excited. People are actually reading my blog. Okay, only a few, but it is a start and it makes me feel great when people send me notes telling me I have something to add to the writing world. (Can you say --Cloud 9)? Yipee!
Beth is the protagonist from my current WIP. She grew up in a highly abusive home. Now, she is a radio personality for a local radio station, is involved with an artist ( Patrick) she met at the Public Library and wants to become serious about this relationship. Old fears and feelings keep her from opening up about her past, her family and her life. After serious debate she decidedes to go to California (from Kansas) to face her past. The book meanders through her feelings and is done in flashback from the moment she steps on the plane. The reader experiences some of her worst moments since her adoption. They see her punishments, her struggles with being shy and different. The book cuts back and forth from the trip and checking in to a hotel, to being a child and teenager.

I''ve written the beginning of the story and the very climactic ending. Here's the rub.

I"M STUCK in the MIDDLE. GRRRR. I need Inspiration!
My initial plan was to have her confront her mother, have her mother lock her in the cellar as she had done once in Beth's past. This time, Beth has her purse over her shoulder and is able to call the police and FBI. There is a whole plot to rescue her going on outside while the mother, Kathryn disolves into madness inside the house, all the while threatening to kill her once estranged daughter Beth.

Some of those details are worked out. Sorta. My characters thus far are only these main characters and a few brief encounters with people at an airport counter. Can my book survive with these 3 main characters? I thought about and have tried adding a therapist without much success. Beth calls him from her hotel room and talks out some of her fears as she goes into a severe panic. I worry I have too much emphasis on her state of mind and her panic state for this to fly.

Do all author's feel this concerned when writing? Gosh I hope so.