Oct 25, 2006

Getting Work in Freelance

Yes, I am. After months of hard work learning how to craft better articles, better short stories and even poetry. I've taken the plunge. Paying markets...watch out. Here I come. Sure, that big Courage word still hangs around and beats me over the head a bunch. It won't win though. Perserverance is my middle name. There are more magazines and ezines out there to submit to than there are rejection slips. I've joined a few groups to help along the way, and I just signed up for a new four week course on article writing.
Never give up, never surrender. Oh, and yes, my behind is firmly in this chair and my fingers are about raw from typing. Julie Ann Amos of Exquisite writing just sent me a database page to fill out so she could determine what writing jobs I qualify for and I look forward to seeing my email fill up with freelance opportunities. Go to her site and sign up and you could be feeling this good.

Here is the site link.

Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l.
Thousands of no charge writing resources.

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Anonymous said...

I admire your stamina! Thanks for another great link.