Oct 22, 2006

Breaking Elmore's Rules

Why is it that writers have such hard and fast rules about writing the all American novel? Okay, I agree we should keep our use of the exclamation point to a minimum. My adherance to Elmore's 10 rules stops there. Most of his rules are more like guidelines. For example: Don't start a story with weather. I can't even count the number of books I've read where the whole first page related to some dark storm and how spooky the trees or forest were.
I'm wondering if he read any of these books.
Yes, a great many of his rules are very good. He has advice on keeping tight sentences, and not modifying verbs.... most rules I've heard from any good writer. I just get stuck on a few. Check out his site.

Sheesh, I need to get to bed. I was up half the night last night with my 3 month old grandson and here I am typing away tonight. More on writing rules tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to his site.

Dabbling Mum said...

Hi Kay!

Just stopping by to let you know that you won the book drawing on DMWrites. Please contact me with your information so I can mail your prize. :)