Oct 21, 2006

Courage, Fear and Writing

Is there a trend among emerging writers lately? It seems several of the bloggers who are new to Nano this year have expressed serious doubts and fears on the Forums at the nanowrimo boards. I've openly struggled with courage issues in this blog and with several of my writing friends and groups. According to Holly's site, even the best of writers struggle since writing is a lonely profession and as she points out in this article... we are selling ideas from our mind, to complete strangers.

She's right! Talk about your tough sell. It makes me wonder how I picked writing. Except I felt natural with a book in my hands as soon as I could hold one. I also wrote everything I could from the age I could write my name. I wrote my first full length poem (that was decent) when I was nine years old and I never stopped my love affari with words.

I'm embracing my fears. I figure the best way to get over what scares me the most is to educate myself. My biggest fears at this moment all center around staying stuck in the middle of my novel. How am I helping myself? I am focused on moving the plot forward.

I needed to back away from my character focus and look to fix the plot of my work in progress. The plot had a few holes in it. How could I patch the holes? If I could patch the holes I figured the character issues would be resolved along the way. Sure enough, I stopped stressing and I seem to have built up steam again. I think putting the project in the desk drawer for 7 days did wonders as well.

I spent some time doing grandma things and didn't look at my pages for several days. The power outtage helped a lot in that area. Fresh eyes have helped. I'm less stressed out and more productive.

Oh yeah, tomorrow is the Maple Leaf festival in Baldwin City Kansas. We've gone every year for the past 16 years. It rains about every five or six years. Looks like this year is going to be one of those soggy and cold years. I was really looking forward to the festival and seeing old friends. I hope the sun makes an appearance.

Every year, this clown directs traffic at the main intersection after the parade. I don't know how he has the energy. The festival wouldn't be the same without him. I hope the weather clears so we are able to go without freezing our booties. I like to shop for Christmas things at the festival. I'm not sure why I'm so broke this year!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think we pick writing--it picks us! Hence the fear. Good post.