Oct 20, 2006

Trying Nano again this year

Last year I got quite a bit done on my psychological thriller by signing up with National Novel Writing Month. I had some fairly severe health problems and did NOT win the 2005 version because I just couldn't meet the word count. I'm not letting that stop me. I've signed up for Nano 2006.
I plan to work on a YA novel. I'm not sharing much more for now as it is in the planning stages right now and I've changed my mind about the title, plot and characters for this four times already! (go figure)

  • I've hooked up with the same Kansas group from last year.
  • I've downloaded several writer freebies.
  • cleaned up my computer files and organized my computer
  • studied up on a few of the basics
  • stocked up on food items (healthy ones)
  • cleaned up all the corners of my house so I can essentially ignore it for a month! LOL
  • cleared my calendar

I hope I'm ready. I can only do my best. Wish me luck.


Dabbling Mum said...

Good luck on Nana! I can't imagine having to write than many ficion-based words in such a short period of time--under pressure. :)

fringes said...

Good luck! What a challenge...

Marianne Arkins said...

Good luck with NaNo -- I did it and WON last year (woo!) and it was great fun.