Oct 19, 2006

Missed everyone during power outage.

I'm so happy to be back in the land of the bloggers and the electronic world. I had an amazing week. Monday morning, due to a lot of wind and rain.... a small branch fell on my power lines and knocked out the main line to my house. Amidst squabbles as to whether the landlord or the electric company would be responsible for the bill, we finally got an electrician out to the house and discovered the real cause of the problem.

Three days later we finally got our electricity back. Have you ever sat around for a couple days without electricity twiddling your thumbs? Each passing moment I wanted someone to get out to my house and DO something. Once the problem got solved I plugged my trusty computer back in and found my modem had been fried in the process. GRRRRRR! So, another call to have a tech come to the house. $122.00 later and I have a new modem (which has a crummy 90 day warranty) I cannot believe they can charge that much and only guarantee it for a lousy 3 months. This puppy better last a few years!!!

I have to admit, I rely on the Internet for my freelance career so the money was well spent.

It is time to catch up on my blog reading, my tons of email and so much more. I'm just happy to be back.