Oct 14, 2006

Expect few changes around here!

Hold onto your hats folks. I plan to make some changes around here. After the writing conference last week, I decided it was time to present myself in a better light. The good fairy was blessed me when I wished on a star, so I purchased my domain name! (Woo Woo).

I should be switching over to the new host in the next week or so.

I also have A LOT of material to share from the workshops and chats I attended. So watch for a new LOOK! I will have lots of links to share resources etc. I will be changing to a slightly different format that I hope will be easier to browse through. :)


Anonymous said...

bring em on :)

Nice look!

Anonymous said...

You know, there's nothing wrong with using blogger as your online journal and another blog or website for a more professional appearance. Many writers and literary agents, and even publishers and celebrities use blogger and other types of free blog services. One of the drawbacks is if the service goes belly up, but free blog hosts get tons of traffic which is definitely free exposure. :)

I have two blogs: dmwrites.com and thedabblingmum.blogspot.com