Oct 28, 2006

Looking forward to Trick or Treat

I'm so excited! My grandson is 19 months old. We bought him the cutest Tiger outfit about five weeks ago. Then, he went through this growth spurt. Yechhh! We tried the outfit on him with sweat pants underneath and the headpiece tried to strangle him.
Off we went to the store. Sixteen bucks. Ouch. We found the cutest Tony The Tiger costume. He looks GReeeaaat in it.
I will have to post pictures as soon as possible. His baby brother is going as an ice cream cone.

Now, I have to wait a couple days. I want it to be NOW.

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Anonymous said...

My four grandchildren are so excited about Tuesday--both boys are going as Spiderman, one girl is a Power Ranger, the other is a Harry Potter character. I hope you enjoy your time with the grand kids!