Nov 28, 2006

Does Spam Flood Your Email?

Yikes, my computer spit tons of emails out and I almost got lost under the pile. I keep resetting the filters and yet the spam persists. What is the deal? Who keeps sending all this JUNK EMAIL?

Wading through email wastes time and keeps me from my creative process, yet is also kept me from thinking about my novel for a few hours. For that I guess I am grateful.

One a lighter note, I spent time today working on a new assignment. I am writing 20 artilces I've been commissioned to write as a ghostwriter. The pay is decent since it comes right before Christmas and my son will be coming soon and then my father.

I also got my Christmas cards out today... I will spend tomorrow getting those ready to mail.
So, all in all I am getting past the depression of ditching my novel. Thanks for the feedback folks It helps.

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