Nov 29, 2006

Plaza Lights will wait for better weather

I've been looking forward to seeing the Plaza lights for a while now. I got up this morning all excited about it. Then the sky opened up and down came the ice pellets. It rained, sleeted, thundered, and generally was a slushy, icy cold and miserable day outside.
No Plaza light visit for me.

I spent the day working on some articles, continuing to organize my computer and watching my adorable grandsons.

Oh, and I am completely frustrated! While I was blog surfing the other day I came across a great site. It had a ton of freebie s for authors. This site had shareware programs to play with photos, text pad programs, utilities, screen capture programs, dictionaries, and so much more. I can't find the blasted site now. Yes, I know about using History to find sites I visited. Well, it didn't help me. This site has a whole page of freebies. I wanna find it so bad. I need your help people. Please let me know if you know the page. It ends up with the ywriter programs as the last ones to download. All the programs are in alphabetical order.
Please lead me to the page.