Nov 30, 2006

Miss Snark Got Dissed- Ouch.

If you've been reading Holly Lisle's diary site this week you may have noticed a little blip that led you to an ongoing debate at the site of Jenny Cruise. Apparently Miss Snark overstepped her boundries in a review and it is all the talk in blog land. Yep. Everyone seems to be weighing in on the subject. If you look at the comments you will see that most people seem to agree with Jenny.
I've never linked to Miss Snark. (you will note, I don't have a link to her site in my Resources section....I find her site a bit too much for my taste) In my humble opinion, she generalizes far too much. However, if you look at her site counter, she must be doing something writers like because she has tons of loyal repeat visitors.

Jenny had this to say," there was a definite God-I’m-amazingly-brilliant tone throughout"
Ouch! I hope I never say anything to tick her off. However, if I do...I want HER on MY SIDE.

P.S. I found the resource page I was looking for. Great stuff for writers
She has an amazing amount of programs and freeware you can download there. Check it out.
I have personally tried several items. Love 'em.

Oh, and we are in the midst of a snowy day here. We expect 10 inches. Yep...you heard me right.

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Thanks for the links. And I agree with your assessment(s) of the situation. Phew!