Nov 6, 2006

Does this thing have a spine?

Why the shocked look? Let me explain. I went to an art show on the local college campus this evening. My caregiver is an art student. ( I think I may have mentioned it a few times but it is worth mentioning again)
So, here's the scoop.
The professors have a showing of their art each year. Tonight was the night. We dressed up and went to go check it out. When I say "we" of course I mean the grandkids, went with us. You just cannot walk out the door with these cuties. We dressed the boys in pin-striped pants, white shirts, and matching vests. To say they looked adorable is an understatement of the biggest kind.
We are milling about viewing art, gossiping, etc and of course every person there has to comment on how great the boys look. How awesome Jaden (the older brother) is and how big Dawson (seen in the picture) has gotten.

The resident Art Historian, a devoted dog lover who has no children had been eyeing Dawson all evening. She'd made the usual comments about his size and how cute he was. She went on the accuse Dana (my caregiver) of spoiling the young man by holding him 24 hours a day, when suddenly, with the slyest grin Dana offered Dawson up with open arms.
"Would you like to hold him"
" Who me"
"Sure, go ahead" Dana suddenly plopped Dawson into the professors arms.
She fiddled with the three month old for a few minutes trying to get his attention and make him smile then, with all honesty she looked around at the people gathered and asked them collectively, "Where's his spine?" She kept trying to gather him up and make him stand up in her lap. Everyone around bust out laughing. I actually had to sit down my knees got so weak.
The poor infant wiggled about in her lap like a rag doll. Thank goodness this fella has a good strong sense of balance and his neck was strong. She sort of held him like a sack of dog food.

I suggested she sit him down and clap his hands like "patticake" because it would make him smile and coo. He is seriously at that smiling stage. She practically had a cow.
"Ew, he had his hands in his mouth" ---

Now, I was really going to bust!!! Oh my gosh, you might catch a germ.

Overall, those moments made my night.

I mentioned I would blog about the whole situation and she didn't mind at all. Thanks you know who!
(names withheld to protect the innocent) LOL

Oh yes, I also got an email about this site today. Since it was art related I decided to share it.
Be sure to visit it and have fun. You will like it if you enjoy Jackson Pollack.

It felt good to leave the house. Exhausting, but good. Now I'll probably sleep for three days straight. The art.... it was worth the trip. Fantastic. I really liked two specific pieces. There was a painting of a woman in a bathrobe that was so lifelike. The other piece I flipped out for was a pair of glass flip flops. I have to admit I liked a lot of what I saw.

I missed seeing the work of a certain fiber art teacher. She knows who she is.