Nov 5, 2006

Please Vote

Vote Please. It is a right, a privledge, and something we all need to do. Goodness knows I've had enough of a few things. I don't want to get all political here so I won't. HOWEVER....

  • won't you be glad when these ridiculous tv ads are over? I know I will.
  • aren't you ready for lower gas prices?
  • wouldn't you love to see a politician who doesn't smear his/her opponent?
  • don't you just dread the end of Oct/beginning of Nov television ads?
  • Do you wonder how they will screw up computerized voting results?
  • Don't you think we should all just write in "Snoopy for President"
  • forget a woman president--we may be headed for a doggie prez.... LOL
Amidst all the sex scandals of the world, pastors having sex, and buying drugs, overseas wars and arson fires I thought a little voter humor was in order.

*If I offended anyone I humbly apologize* Here at writewize the "Show must go on"

I promise to get back on the subject of WRITING ..... soon. (this kidney infection has my brain cells scrambled. I am sleeping a lot..... I'll be normal again very soon.)

1 Comment:

Pappy's Fella said...

I'm with you on the end to ads which make all candidates sound like people I wouldn't want to pass in the street, let alone elect. And those election technology snafus-- those poor volunteers are so hopelessly outmatched by the beta technologies being launched. In MD, we had impossible lines at the primaries, but I will dutifully go back into the meatgrinder.

Happy NaBloPoMo.