Nov 4, 2006

The Case of the missing Post.

Hey, I "aint" playin' no sad violin here. (how many mistakes can ya find in that sentence...or should we just go for the whole blog entry)?
I posted an entry about the horrors of footnotes vs endnotes and POOF....it is gone. Explain that one.
Did I post in someone else's blog? I don' drink so no funny biz was involved. Though I am under the influence of some new medications for this blasted kidney infection which has me sleeping an extra 5 hours during the middle of the day. One sec I am watching tv and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, you wannna be a writer?
Step1 --How many errores in this blog?
Step2 --Name soem resources on the Internet for finding jobs.
Step3--Sign and LINK to my blog (muwhaaaahhhaaa)
just kidding

But it wouldn't hurt. In about two weeks when I unveil my completed site I hope emerging writers will be pleased. Until then....... I hope everyone enjoyed the joke.

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Anonymous said...

too funny!