Nov 3, 2006

Redheads Rule the world

It's true. The rest of the world just doesn't know it. Think back. If you have gorgeous red hair (like me) you probably endured horrific teasing as a child/teen/pre-teen/young adult and might still catch the odd comment now and then. Face it-- the rest of the world is just GREEN WITH ENVY!!!!!
I'm 44 and not a gray hair in sight. Most of my friends have been applying nasty smelly hair dye since their twenties. Not me. What you see is what you get. The color is natural BABY. God made this pretty shade. Oh, it has changed too. When I was a kid...my hair was the color of a copper penny. In my teen years it was a lovely auburn color.

In the summer it looked a little like wheat if I got a bit of sun. In the winter it would get a bit brownish auburn. You can probably still find me if you have really old Sears magazines and you look in the shorts and socks pages. Yep, you guessed it....I was a child model in another lifetime. It was my long legs they wanted. I also did a Campbells Soup commercial. To this day I cannot eat tomato soup. Blech.

Lately my hair is turning a bit dark reddish brown due to my meds. But...not gray. *evil laugh*
My little sister has a ton of gray and has to dye hers. Ha ha ha.

I spent the day doing HTML tutorials and sleeping. I did follow the randomizer to a few sites.
Thanks to those who came to mine and commented.
I can't wait till the kidney infection goes away and I start feeling better. I am dragging my sorry behind....
till later


Jennifer Perry said...

Thanks for your nice note on Jippyjabber. I think we will lots to talk about. I switch to email to talk about meds. i just discovered the slip on shoe. He has a brace when he needs to wear a real shoe. Also, at first he was wheel chair bound. Can you walk? I did not know it could last for years. It's a true pain. I wish you didn't have it.

Melissa said...

Count me as one of the jealous. My hair has been red on several occassions, but I had to get it from a bottle.