Nov 3, 2006

Dumb people and the word "is"

Are I the only one? <---------notice anything WRONG HERE. Have you noticed anything unusual lately? Do you pay attention to the news, television programs, public speakers, your neighbors, etc. Do you just cringe when they say, "is" instead of "are"? This week alone I kept a tally sheet next to me while I watched evening television. When I hit 30+ I hit the roof. What native tongue do we speak? This is a basic concept here. The verb --to be. But, go figure...our own president cannot figure out how to pronounce nuclear. You know nooo kle er Here is a tip. The dog is lying down. 1 object
The kids are playing outside. multiple objects Real frickin easy!!!!

Okay, soapbox lecture over!

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Mit_Moi said...

Fellow NaBloPoMo participant. I clicked, I read - and I cringed. I try to make my subjects and verbs agree ... but sometimes I type too fast ... and proofread too poorly :(