Nov 2, 2006

Wordpress is calling my name

I'm jealous. Other people who have WordPress can do things in their blogs that I just cannot do. They have the best plugins and things just seem easier. I regret the switch I made to Beta.
I found out I cannot even import all my posts over if I wanted to due to Beta and that burns my you know what.
so.... I have decided to move my main website to my new domain and link that to a blog at wordpress.
Rough day today. I'm suffering through the third kidney infection in the last 3 months. My arms look like pin cushions from all the IV attempts they made in the ER trying to get blood and get an IV started. UGGGHHH. They finally got the IV going in the top of my hand (which hurts like a bugger now) and of course I have bumped it about 14 times today.

You've heard of bad hair days... Well I had a bad body day. Felt like crap.
No writing advice today.

However..... on the horizon. I am going through an email course and I do plan to start an ezine of my own in the next two weeks. So STAY TUNED.
My ezine will be up and running by Thanksgiving.

Had to add this.....just found it. ==================>>>>>

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Jennifer Perry said...

Gee, sorry to hear about the kidney infection. That does just shut the body down. Are you sick of the cranberry juice?? I don't about you but when I had a prob with my kidney, I had to drink enough to float a navy ship!
Foudn you via randomizer.
Jippy Jabber