Nov 14, 2006

Novel Structure

Seems I'm not the only author struggling with my first novel. In the past few weeks I've found so many aspiring authors I've lost count. I stumbled onto a site tonite that had an interesting impact so I thought I would share what I found.
You introduce the reader to the setting, the characters and the situation (conflict). Plot Point 1 is a situation that drives the protagonist from their "normal" life toward some conflicting situation. This is what the whole story is about. (ideas and image are from Pedar Hill's site)

Basically, Beth (my protagonist) is facing her past. She will confront Kathryn (the antagonist) in California (her worst nightmare) be kidnapped again, overcome her fear of death, her fear of relationship failure and living alone the rest of her life.... She will ultimately face off with her captor Kathryn in a life and death struggle (resolution)

My question is this: Is the story at all interesting? Does it sound too much like a Lifetime movie? Will anyone want to read it? Do you?