Nov 14, 2006

I'm Live at my domain.

My New Domain.

Well, my new site is certainly NOT finished. I linked it to this blog. Let's call it a good start.
By house... I mean my domain. Yep. The long awaited site. Go here to see it.
I have resources, writing links, markets, etc. What I don't have yet is a way to put ads and webrings. So, I'm keeping this site until I figure things out.
I also plan to link articles from article city and ezine articles.com back to the site.

I sold a few articles to a ghostwriting service. Now I wonder who got rich from that venture?
I will give you a hint-- It wasn't me. Yeah, I found the articles easy enough. I can do a Google search just like anyone else. I know my own words. The guy is making big bucks linking my stuff back to a site where he sells something. Ooohhhhhhh. That made my blood boil.
I had "sucker" plastered all over my forehead on that one. Not again though. Not again.