Nov 13, 2006

Not feeling so good

As you can see by the uhhhh graphic, I don't feel so good. I slept yesterday. I turned down a writing gig. (gasp) Yep, I did. Called the doc this morning and re-scheduled an appointment so I could crawl back into bed. I look a lot like that image.... sad to say.
I think Holly gave it to me by osmosis. (just kidding hon)
See everyone soon.
Oh, the creative process seems enhanced during high fevers. Try it sometime. Weirdest thing.

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redchurch said...

Hey... you left a comment over at my blog saying "Wow you're redchurch!" Yes, yes I am. I'm still trying to understand the significance of that? Is it because my comments in other peoples' blogs sometimes show up as 'Eric' instead of RC?

Sincerely confused. Thanks for commenting though!