Dec 1, 2006

World AIDS Day

Today marks World AIDS Day. President Bush has called upon United States citizens to remember the , "39 million people living with the disease around the world". How could I forget?
Yes folks I have been touched by it --PERSONALLY. My twin sister Died of ARC- AIDS related complex on March 17, 1996. She had been HIV positive for around 13 years. She lived in S. F. California. She used IV drugs and lived her life on the streets for years. She engaged in risky behaviours for years. She shared needles with other homeless people when she shot up heroine, and she had unprotected sex when AIDS was spreading fast through S. F. She also had a boyfriend (who later became her husband) and he engaged in these same risky behaviours.

Back then, in the early 1980's people didn't know a lot about why a lot of men were dying. They didn't understand the IV drug use connection. When I first heard about AIDS, I knew one day I would get a call from a morgue saying my sister was dead. I knew she would have the disease.
Sure enough, she told me about four years before her death that she had AIDS. She lived on the edge in her teen years and it was her rebellion that led to her death. She ignored the voice of reason.

When you think of all the HIV positive people in the world, or the people who have died. Think of ways you can protect not only yourself. TEACH others. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN. Teach them to practice SAFE SEX. Teach them NOT TO USE DRUGS. Make sure they understand!
My children knew that if they did those things they could end up like Aunt Diana. They knew they could get sick and DIE. It is very serious. Children need to know. If you need to know more about AIDS please check out some organizations. Google the word AIDS. Call your health department.
Here is the Wikipedia article on AIDS

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Rashenbo said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. AIDS is frightening.

baabaanne said...

I worked with a lot of the first home care patients dying of AIDS, and it is a terrible disease. So sorry for your loss.

Susan said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost an uncle to the disease as well.

You posted on my blog and I realized I have an old link there. I'll update it! Jazz's board is at http://jazzman.19.forumer.com/index.php