Jan 4, 2007

Managing My Diabetes Through the Holidays

I admit it, when I learned I had diabetes I had to change my eating habits. I like my carbs, a lot. I'm a gravy and mashed potatoes girl. I also love my breads and biscuits. Changing has been a challenge. However, over the last several months, due to doctors orders I have faithfully followed a diabetic diet. (with two exceptions....Thanksgiving and Christmas)
Now I am not saying I went hog wild. I didn't have a bunch of gooey pies or anything like that. I merely allowed myself to eat the normal fixins.

At my doctors appointment around 10 days ago I still managed to weigh in 22 pounds lighter. Wooo Hooo. Discipline goes a long way. I want to cheat. I just tell myself that the candy and sugars could seriously hurt me. (as in death)
Works miracles. Suddenly the urge to put said candies etc in ones mouth lessens. Amazing eh?

It also helps to join a supportive Diabetes group. I have several diabetes informational links and groups listed to the right. Check them out. I added Diabetes Files today. Take a peek.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's not easy balancing everything in a diabetic diet--my mom did it for years, but she hated it! Take care.