Jan 22, 2007

OUCH...I fell down AGAIN

Can you say KLUTZ? I think they have a picture of me next to the word in the dictionary. YEP. I fell again. On the ice/snow. Now the whole ankle/ligaments and all are involved. No cast can fix this. Going to the doc tomorrow.

Not a happy camper. Walking is a nightmare. Or should I say hobbling as I cry?

Oh ouchies.

I'm revising. Yes.

Getting a book ready for publication. A book you say?

Yep. It has been sitting on my shelf for far too long.

It needs to see the light of day.

It is a chapter book for 4th-5th graders. It is being mailed out to an editor tomorrow.

I can hardly believe it myself!!!! The book is tentatively called "My Sister Has AIDS" and is a fictionalized account of my twin sisters experience. The age is changed and I have taken MANY liberties with the story for dramatic purpose and to make it kid friendly but the characters are based on the relationship between us two twins and the choices she made that ended up causing her to become HIV positive and ultimately causing her eventual death.

I wrote the book while in college for a class. Everyone said get it published. It sat on a shelf. Then my sister got worse. I showed her the book and asked her permission to publish it. She agreed. She died in 96.

I began writing other things and left the book on the shelf. Well, it is no longer gathering dust!!!

Now that the ball is rolling I am hard at work on the next in what will be a series.

Next I need to find an illustrator. Then, I will be working with someone on layout, and of course the editing, creating my cover...and so many other decisions. Deadlines are being created. For ME!

Oh, I wanna see my book on shelves. I made a promise to my sister about this book before she died. It is gonna happen. *holds breath and pinches self*

More details soon.

Oh, we still have tons of snow here.

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Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself--I'm sorry that you fell again! Good luck with the boook, and congratulations for sending it off. Take care and be well, my friend.