Nov 22, 2006

6 Quick Tips for Nano Writers

By now you are either well into your Nanowrimo book and feeling good...OR
you fell behind and you are beating yourself up for not meeting your goals.
Let me give you some advice.

  1. Not everyone can write on command. Writing a book in under 30 days is grueling. We all have lives to live, jobs, children and commitments. If you didn't make your goal, don't let it get you down. Trying, writing words on paper is more than many "so called aspiring authors" will ever do. Give yourself credit for having tried. (Pat yourself on the back)
2. Give your protagonist a tragic past. This gives the reader something to identify with and works well to give you a lot to write about. Oh, if you don't know what a protagonist is, you are in serious trouble this late in November and you should consider browsing the Nanowrimo forums for the rest of the month and drinking soda or coffee as you find ways to waste time.

3. Check for character consistency. Does your character have blonde hair in one scene and then you accidently call her a brunette four chapters later because you were so tired when you were typing that you forgot what she looked like. Do a "find" for the word "blonde" or the word "brunette" this can be a lifesaver.

4. Dont edit until you think you are finished writing. Editing slows down the writing process and makes you go backwards. I've found myself actually erasing pages when I stop to edit pages or scenes.

5. Keep supplies handy in every room, in your purse, and anywhere you think inspiration might hit. I write down ideas at night when I dream about my characters. I keep a notebook in my purse, and I have pens and paper in every room (yep there too...) of the house.

6. Don't be afraid to write scenes out of order. Most of the experts I've heard from have said it is good to "know what your ending will be". I've written mine already. Perhaps that is why I'm stcuck in the middle. However, I like knowing the ending is already written.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe next year. I fear getting behind. Thanks for the advice--I'm intrigued now. I love your new look.

strugglingwriter said...

Thanks for the advice. I wish I read this a while ago, though I have been doing some of the stuff you mentioned anyhow. I have trouble writing scenes out of order, though it does make sense.

I have added a link to your site on my blog.