Nov 19, 2006

Funny stuff

Sometimes you need a break from writing.
I took one this afternoon. While perusing sites I found some cool places to play.

What can I say? Go here to make your own.
I was goofing off and checking out other writer sites when I came across the generator site and found this gem. I spent about a half hour just playing. You know you want to play too.

At the generator site you can make your own:
vinyl record George says
concert ticket Condi says
official seal Arnold says and much more!

The cool thing is.... you can type in your own message, pick your pose and in some cases the colors. You can email these images or use them on websites or whatever. Total fun. I didn't get ANY writing done today. I've decided I cannot write until this horrid cold/flu is over. My mind is not working well enough to plot out characters and contribute to any work in progress.

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