Dec 3, 2006

Snow Makes My Holidays Feel Right

I say Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I'm a California Girl transplanted to the Midwest. I simply adore newly fallen snow and it isn't Christmas in my heart without loads of the fluffy white stuff all around. Humbug to others who disagree.
Christmas is going to be very different around my house anyhow. Most people are out hitting all the shops. Around here, I don't have two nickels to rub together. I sent out cards to people who I know are worse off than me. I'm an "Angel". I send greetings and cards out weekly to shut-ins. People who have chronic illnesses (uhhh, kinda like me) I started doing it to cheer myself up. I did it to make people smile.

I serve meals to homeless on holidays. This year, earlier in the year.... I was turned away. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. TURNED AWAY. WHY, you ask? Well, someone at the shelter was afraid I might FALL DOWN and hurt myself. Okay, I use a cane. I am disabled. Is that any reason to tell a well-meaning volunteer to go away when they come to HELP others?
I was in shock.
I may not have two nickels to rub together, but I have always given to others. ALWAYS.
I believe in GIVING. It is the reason we have Christmas (or whatever else you may celebrate)

I have always donated and or given to:

  • warm clothes and blankets to shelters
  • toys for tots
  • adopted a family (even it it wasn't much)from the Walmart Angel Tree
  • put money in the Salvation Army Kettle
This year is the first year I haven't been able to do these things. I feel awful. It just hasn't been possible. I've barely been able to pay my own heating bills.

So, my one wish this year has been for a white Christmas when my son comes home. I know it is a hassle for some people when they travel. I know. I won't have a stack of presents under my tree. All I want for Christmas is snow, and a few days to hug my son before I have to give him back to Uncle Sam.

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1 Comment:

strugglingwriter said...

I sure hope you get your White Christmas this year. It always seems more special when there is snow on Christmas.