Feb 27, 2007

Little Girl Lost

I'm going through a few transitions in my life. With my writing, my poetry and yes family. Needless to say you may see the results of these transitions in this blog coming soon. I feel the need to stretch my wings.
It is time to spruce the place up a bit.
With that said.... be on the lookout for a new header....a cleaner layout and some general cleanup of the links around here. I've grown weary of the little girl approach and want I am ready for some new digs.

I'm signed up for computer classes on web design. Those start Saturday. As of now I am working on Photoshop and will be learning Dreamweaver as well. Eventually I will be able to plan my own site with flash intro's and the whole works.

I wonder how much progress I will have made in three months?
We shall see.
Just in the seven lessons I have had in the graphics program I am learning by leaps and bounds. I would post an example but the images are in the wrong format for blogger.

ta ta

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baabaanne said...

You appear pretty grounded to me, Kay!