Mar 5, 2007

Motivation and Tools for writing

Is your novel lagging in the middle (like mine)?
I've spent some time away from my project --giving it room to breathe and giving me some time to get inspired, motivated and to find some new writing tools.

Naturally I had a visit at the Emotional Toolbox. If you really get stuck and need advice and tools for moving your story along then pop on by the toolbox. Great stuff.

I started breaking down my story and the elements I thought I might be missing.

My heroine has a problem. *phew*
She has core beliefs that change throughout the story.
AHA--I found my weakness!
The inciting incident is not well defined. My supporting characters are not helping. I have sorely neglected them.
Here is where I need to FIX things.

So... I am back to work.

I hope all is well with everyone. I am writing, revising etc.

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Scott said...

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