Feb 23, 2007

Yikes, the page is Blank

Yikes. A blank page. What does it want from me?
Have you ever looked at a blank page and been completely filled with terror? I have. I'm working on a project. I cannot seem to motivate myself. That blank page keeps taunting me.
I know I'm not the only one. I see posts about writers struggling to get those first words out all the time. I stumbled across this ditty today about getting started writing.

If you are a serious writer you have probably faced the empty page staring back at you. At least once a week I come across advice from another writer/blogger on how to conquer it.
Weeding through the fluff, I found some of the advice helpful.
For instance.. this article caught my attention. Scott has a decent sense of humor and down to earth writing style. I like the guy.

The next time I am sweating bullets(and facing a deadline) I'll have to keep in mind a few strategies I came across in my reading.

Some suggest:

  • do something else for a while as a distraction
  • go running
  • pull out what is in your old junk pile and give it a good look-see
  • writing prompts
  • a twenty minute cat nap to freshen the brain cells

Well. I will have to let you know how the empty page looks in the morning.


baabaanne said...

Good luck. A spot of fresh air helps me, a lot. Even if I just sit in a lawn chair, it helps clear mu head.

baabaanne said...

terrific stuff, kay. congrats.

pamela said...

I once had a teacher who said 'that page isn't blank, it's full. you just need to show us whats there.'

AstonWest said...

I prefer the "do something else..." plan myself, except it usually ends up lasting a lot longer than intended.

the.red.mantissa said...

i like pamela's way of seeing a blank page.

what i do ... when i am stuck with a blank page and not sure how to start ... is - i go for a walk. being in motion ... walking ... being outside always triggers the flow of words. tho, often what comes out is not at all what i expected. and its the strangest things that inspire me.

enjoy your week

Marianne Arkins said...

Writing prompts are the best... nothing really expected of you, you don't have to do your best work, you just let the muse take hold and put words on paper.

I love them.